Medoo is a browser based application which provides the user with various services, relating his health. The user can search for doctors in his area, make an appointment, get an online-prescription or just manage his schedule. Besides that, the app provides a comprehensive health data monitoring system where the user can track his added data and compare it to other components. He also can organize his documents or prescriptions and get detailed information about the status of his medication.


Focusing on the communication between patients and doctors, the patient needs to connect with doctors. Within the "My Doctors" section the user is able to see all the doctors nearby, contact them or schedule an appointment right away.


Making an appointment a wizard navigation leads the user through every step of inserting the required informations. This way the doctor has all the information and documents needed in advance and the patient does not have to worry about forgetting something.

Medication and Recipes

Native application features help the patient to remember taking pills, keep track of their medication usage, remember about outdated vaccinations or gather prescriptions digitally. For the patient as well as the doctors this helps to know the exact medical history and thus being able to treat the patient the perfect way.


Within "Health" the patient can track all of the relevant data, wether automatically using wearables or manually. This data the patient as well as the doctor can use to predict possible diseases early.

Working methodically

To get to the concept we used a lot of user experience methods, like cardsorting, KANO analysis, SWOT analysis, personas and flow charts. In addition to that we held interviews with patients, doctors and nurses to get their input as well. All of this to provide the user we the perfect app for his needs.