Open Data Cam

To count cars special expensive cameras are needed. Using the new Nvidia Jetson TX2 board object detection is even possible with such a small board. moovel lab took the opportunity and developed a new camera system where counting cars gets accessible for everyone.
I had the chance to build the housing for this camera, do it yourself style.


To make it easy to build for everyone, there are only tools used that should be in every household, like scissors or a standard hole punch.

Using polypropylene sheets and zipties the splashproof housing is built similar like folding paper. A lamp socket serves as lens of the camera. A bit of cardboard holds the inner parts in place. The folding maps just need to be printed and the setup can begin!

Thus in less than one hour and below 50 Euros the hole camera case is built.

In Action

Onto the board a software is loaded, allowing to count the cars. The video above shows how it is done. (Thank you again Thomas Thöne)

Now you want to get started building your own? No problem!

Build your own