VÄVA is a bed that was developed for our society where people move increasingly more often. Without using tools, the bed can be constructed and collapsed easily to be carried to any other place. Straps serve as both a connector and a slatted frame for the bed. Although it is collapsible it is still a proper bed that everyone can appreciate. It is a piece that moves along with you, along the same journey. A piece to feel at home, everywhere.

VÄVA with Maria

A bed to go anywhere

Within one year, I moved over five times. Since all my rooms had been unfurnished I always needed to bring my stuff or needed to buy new furniture which unfortunately would get thrown away afterwards.

So I developed a bed, which could be easily brought along with me. Therefore it needed to be very small and lightweight. VÄVA only weighs around 15kg and has consolidated a size of 120x20x30cm including the slatted frame! This is only about a third of a similar bed from IKEA1.

Aesthetics matter

Furniture is a big part in our daily living. It gives our room a personality. It becomes part of our live. So should it not be a beautiful piece with which we want to relate with?

Even though it is collapsible, VÄVA is as stable as a regular bed. Its plain but appealing look lets it blend into any room seamlessly, adding to its versatility.

VÄVA parts

Setup without tools

To be able to move it with as few things as possible, no tools are needed to set up and collapse the bed again. Just the parts from itself are needed to construct the whole bed. It is comprised of four legs, four wooden slats, one stabilizing cross and two straps.


The slats simply are put up and fixated using the four legs. The two rods build a cross which stabilizes the bed and keeps it from tying up.

Finally the name-giving weaving (Swedish: “väva”) of the straps into the side slats, builds the resilient slatted frame.


This project was done in the class “Advanced Industrial Design Project” at IKDC in Lund, Sweden, supervised by Prof. Claus-Christian Eckhardt.

Exhibitions and Awards

It was exhibited at the Vårutställning 2016 and referenced in an article in Sydsvenskan by Ingrid Sommar. It was nominated for the aed Neuland Award 2017. It got featured on Student Design.

  1. This is based on the MALM bed.