My name is Olivier and I am an industrial design student, currently studying at the university of applied sciences Schwäbisch Gmünd.


I love to develop products that have a clean form but are still very thought through within. Additionally I always try to keep them very ecological since in my opinion this is the responsibility of industrial designers.


Apart from classic industrial design, I also code websites and design interaction projects.


For more facts see my CV.

Olivier Brückner

an industrial designer with a love for code

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Prototyping Tool

Programming and electric engineering is complicated, but important for product development. This tool makes it possible for anyone.

/* work in progress */

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Collapsable Bed

A bed, designed to be very portable while still being a proper piece of furniture.

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Health Management App

Medoo is a web-based application that allows to order your appointments, medical contacts and health.

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Interactive Information

This is an interactive diagram to visualize the entries and exits of the London tube stations.

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Excavator Interface

A device to control magnets on scrapyards. The focus laid on the ergonomics.

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