Hi! My name is Olivier.

I am a designer and technologist with a passion for physical computing. I want to improve the world with simple yet smart solutions.

This is me
This is me

I am currently based in Europe and searching for new work opportunities.

I am looking for a company/start-up/agency that can offer exciting product challenges, a passion for design, and a lovely culture.

brief resumé

blokdots Live View

building a product

blokdots is a project that strives to enable hardware prototyping for everyone.

work experience

Improving products as a creative technologist and designer for IDEO.

The entrance of the IDEO office in Munich
The entrance of the IDEO office in Munich
FlipDot Communicator
FlipDot Communicator

case study

A device for distant socializing that embraces non-explicit communication.


Additional Projects