work experience

Improving products as a creative technologist and designer for IDEO.


I worked for two years as a designer at IDEO Munich and London.

my role

With my background in industrial and interaction design, I made conceptual experiences tangible — both physically and digitally.

The entrance of the IDEO office in Munich, taken on my first day
The entrance of the IDEO office in Munich, taken on my first day

my experience

Being at IDEO

I had two incredible years working for IDEO. I collaborated with talented people, saw exciting places, and worked on amazing projects.

In small, agile teams — usually of 4 - 6 people — each person had to wear various hats. Even though one person was leading a specific part of the project, e.g. research, everyone had to participate. This enabled me to learn a lot about various functions within the teams.


  • employed: 2018/09 → 2020/08
  • worked on over 10 projects
  • clients ranging over 5 different industries
  • Because the projects I worked on at IDEO were about defining the future business strategies of our clients, most of them were confidential.

my focus

Creating Experiences

My focus was on prototyping our designed experiences to test them with future users. Prototyping entailed multiple things: from concepting the touchpoint, to designing it, to building it.

My prototyping work ranged from app prototypes in Figma, to interactive in-shop experiences, to even real-sized cars with a complete interior and Human-Machine-Interface. These usually had to be created within a very short time-frame, sometimes even within a week.

Prototype Architecture
[1] Prototype Architecture
A prototype
[2] A prototype
synthesizing user research
[1] synthesizing user research

human centered

Conducting Research

IDEO is known for user-centered design and research. Every project started off with an extensive research phase. I met with users in New York, Shanghai, London, Munich, and many more places. We wanted to learn in qualitative interviews, first-hand, what their experience has been so far, while also testing first concepts to understand their motivations better.

In later stages of the projects, we then tested our new designs to validate our iterations.

strategic thinking

Developing Strategies

I am well aware that probably none of my designs will ever be on the market exactly the way we designed it. And that‘s ok!

With research and prototyping, we found the solutions that users need and defined the path for the company to get there. These paths cannot be achieved in a short amount of time. Usually, roadmaps are laid out five years into the future. A lot may change between now and then, but we focused on providing a valuable core concept.

Data flow analysis
[1] Data flow analysis
Product analsysis
[2] Product analsysis

project showcase project roles


Unfortunately, I am not allowed to share much of my work during my time at IDEO. However, here is a glimpse of the projects I worked on and my role.


One Family

IDEO felt like an extension of my undergraduate experience: it was highly collaborative, friendly, and passionate. As a part of this community, I did my share of shaping it as well.

Here you can find a selection of some of the bigger projects I took on in my spare time:

Representing the office

A lot happens in an IDEO studio. I video-documented events like our Katy Perry Concert, helped to create birthday gifts, and created assets for our communications. I cannot share them either, but more because it would be inappropriate ;).

The entrance of the IDEO Munich Office in 8 bit
[1] The entrance of the IDEO Munich Office in 8 bit
The bar in the shelf
[1] The bar in the shelf
close up
[2] close up

Building A Bar

In a three day project, Nicki Schäfer and I created an in-office pop-up bar. It became a regular event for the office to come together. Shortly after, Friday evenings were reserved to enjoy drinks and and jam in front of it, and a complete music set-up evolved around the spot.

A Workshop Series

I started a small arts, craft, and code workshop series within our office. Every other week, I hosted a get-together to explore techniques like screen-printing, the basics of website creation, or polaroid image transfers.

The tools for the workshops
[1] The tools for the workshops
Screenprinting workshop
[2] Screenprinting workshop